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Nutbiz from Pape Pecan Co., listing pecan equipment and cool stuff to bring in your pecan harvest to market pecans at the best prices. Need to spray your pecan trees or other spray applications? Check out this page Ag Chemicals, Ag Chemicals used for the care of pecan tree orchard management. Our orchard equipment also includes Limb Lopper Hydraulic tree pruning tools. Visit again soon to see what's new on the nutbiz web from Pape Pecan House. Right click your mouse and select refresh. 

Pecan equipment parts and repair. Call, John Pape 830-372-2850 or Blog!

Lots more coming soon, pecan equipment pictures and prices. Click mouse on pics to enlarge view.

AGSMART SMA 3-Point 55 Gallon PTO Pump 10' Boom with Gun $716.00 New

AGSMART SMA Skid Mount 60 Gallon 12 Volt Pump 10' Boom & Gun $646.00

AGSMART SMA Skid Mount 60 Gallon 12 Volt Pump 30' Boomless & Gun SOLD

AGSMART SMA 3-Point 110 Gallon PTO Pump 10' Boom & Gun $1,295.99

AGSMART SMA 3-Point 200 Gallon PTO Pump 16' Boom & Gun $1,907.99

$74.50 Master MFG Backpack Sprayer 4 gallon piston type, price includes shipping. 

Master MFG Backpack Sprayer


Scare Away Birds, Deer, Hogs, all critters eating or damaging crops, orchards and property. Fully automatic thunderclap explosions operate on LP gas. Electronic ignition and frequency regulated in single bang or multi bang. Price includes the shipping within USA.  

$394.50 M-4 Scare Away Single Detonation Cannon

M-4 Scare Away 

 $434.50 M-8 Scare Away Multi Detonation Cannon

M-8 Scare Away

Scare Away 


Limb Lopper Fairmont Greenlee Textron Hydraulics
Long Reach Chain Saws

Most popular hydraulic chain saw with insulated handle and pole. For specs pdf file Adobe format.Model 43178 $1,752.27

Orchard and Shade Tree Hydraulic Pruner from Limb Lopper
Hydraulic Pruners great for cutting limbs. Connects to tractors, utility buckets or power supply available. For specs. Model 42909 $1,779.09

Utility Pruners
Model 48200 for heavy cutting and line clearing with insulated handle. For specs.

Model 48200 $1,757.18


For Saws and Prunners Light weight twin line flex hose with bend restrictors and fittings price $8.95 per foot. 


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Ag Chemicals Pesticides include insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, fertilizer, adjuvant and all spray chemicals.

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Nutbiz Com located in Seguin Texas 78155, selling new and used pecan equipment, repairing pecan harvesters, tree shakers and other nut harvesting equipment. Limb Lopper Hydraulic tree Pruners and long reach chain saws from Fairmont and other pecan machinery includes, tree sprayer, pecan processing, ag chemicals and market pecans with Pape Pecan Co. Tell people you saw it on Nutbiz.com Telephone 830-372-2850 ask for John or Steve or email.

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